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Day 1 - 237.5 [Jun. 5th, 2007|11:50 am]
That goal of mine might be a bust - graduation week meant lots of drinking and slightly excessive eating. 
I got down to 232.5 but now I'm back up to 237.5. 
I'm going to fast today and we'll see how tomorrow goes - one day at a time.
I leave for Tennessee in 8 days, my new goal is to lose 5 pounds before then.
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Goal #1 [May. 17th, 2007|12:55 pm]
My first goal is to lose 15 pounds before I go to Bonnaroo, which is June 14th-17th.

29 days to lose 15 pounds.  I think it's possible, especially since I'm somewhat bloated at the moment.
15 pound loss will put me at 224, which is the weight that I was when I started university. 

Definitely not impossible.
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239 [May. 17th, 2007|12:36 pm]
My name is Allie and I'm overweight.
Over the last few months, I've gotten serious about losing weight and getting into shape, and this journal is going to be a log of all my diet and exercise, as well as a catch-all for nutrition and fitness tips that I find along the way and really enjoy.

Feel free to add me.

Highest weight: 250
Current weight: 239
Goal weight: 125

Here's to being beautiful.
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